Amber of Abilene

Apr 04

The cutest words you’ve ever heard, and this is how they go:

  • mama
  • dada
  • ball
  • woof
  • no

Jensen says the words listed above regularly and (most of the time) accurately! Other words that I think he has said, or has only said once or twice include:

  • car 
  • auto
  • phone
  • closed
  • door
  • vroom vroom
  • hi/hey
  • bath
  • towel
  • woah!

He uses the hand signs for “more,” “milk,” “drink,” and waves “hi” and “bye.” He has also started pointing at his diaper after he poops in it (his own idea). 

Jensen does a lot of sing-songy noises on “baba” or “nana”, sings the “ba-bum” sound (sometimes on the sol-do interval) when he puts things away, and has started attempting to imitate tonal patterns.  

It is so much fun to witness his vocabulary and understanding grow exponentially every day. I love being able to communicate with him and feel like he is understanding what I say. 

So now I’m going to repeat myself, as I have at every stage in the parenting journey so far: this is a really fun age! I love being a mom.

Sep 02 Reblogged

Sign, baby...sign!!

According to this website, if you want to sign with your baby you need to start by 7 or 8 months. What perfect timing! It’s official: we’re starting today! 

We’re excited to start signing with Gray.

Some benefits to signing with your baby: It helps ease their frustration at not being able to verbally communicate and can therefore reduce fussiness; it can help baby mentally develop by building the communication blocks before words are a…